Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Remembering A Vacation

The last big vacation that The Mister and I went on together was our honeymoon. And you know that was a year ago by the fact that we just had our one year anniversary. And this year has been beautiful, and wonderful, and encouraging, but also challenging, and stressful. Chris was unemployed twice last year due to lay offs (wasn't the economy great?), I was in school full time, and it was nursing school at that so SUPER stressful and busy. I just graduated. Chris has been working at his newest job for 6 months now. We have moved. We dealt with the loss of Chris's best friend. It has been a crazy first year.

So, we are dreaming of a vacation. But,we can't plan one just yet because we lack the funds, and I am not sure what my work schedule looks like just yet so Chris doesn't know when to ask for time off.

We went to Pagosa Springs, Colorado on our honeymoon and stayed at a place where Chris's grandparents had a timeshare which they lovingly gave us to use as a wedding gift. It was a one bedroom condo right by a lake (we could see it from our windows). I'm thinking back on our honeymoon because I want to remember that feeling- being a newlywed, saying The Mister is my husband for the first time to strangers, planning a trip out of the state for a week. It was awesome. But I am also remembering a few mistakes we made. Here are the lessons we learned:

1. But plane tickets as early as possible. Seriously, even early in the day. We had a busy morning so we had planned to buy the tickets at night, right before we went to sleep. Then, the eastern coast switched over to the next day, so prices changed right when we were about to checkout... costing us another $300.
2. Get the weather update for where you are going. We did this, but only for the last few days. Try to track the weather for the last month so you can pack the right stuff. I am always the one with this issue, so we had to stop at a store and but me 2 more long sleeve t-shirts and tall socks. I love the cold/cool, but I am a bit of a wimp if I am under dressed in it.
3. Bring as many snacks as you can. We brought enough granola bars and whatnot for the plane ride, but it would have been nice to have some for the condo we were staying at, to keep in our rental car as we scaled the mountains and went on hikes.

We had fun. And are looking forward to our next vacation. Maybe a beach on one of the coasts??

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