Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Changing Seasons & Conflict

Winter seems to be fading and spring has decided to stick around. We love the sunshine at the lake!

This day ended perfectly. But it started out with a very silly argument. After talking it out, crying, and talking some more, we found the root was what most of the roots of arguments are: miscommunication and misunderstanding. Praise God that we now expect that to be the center of a conflict, so we hunt to find it at the first shining light of a "fight."

To make it better, we hugged, kissed, cuddled Lola, and went to get food. We are trying to make wiser fast food choices so we are now leaning to not fast food. We make meals at home or we get food from a not fast food place. This time, we went to Central Market. He got a burger. I got brisket tacos. We shared chocolate whoopie pies and off to the lake we went.

A picnic, talks about us and our life and our dreams, and Lola swimming in the Lake all made for a wonderful evening.

At the beginning of our relationship, an argument would have ruined the whole date. Now, an argument in marriage can ruin a whole night (or even the next day if it's a big one that is allowed to fester). We have made it a point to solve any argument before we go to sleep. This was a phrase I have heard many times: Don't go to bed mad. It is so true. Do not. Don't. Period. Get to the root of it (after there is a moment of cooling off). Don't yell. Speak calmly. Find out what is REALLY the issue. Then hug, kiss, and share a whoopie pie.

P.S. Isn't Lola such a cute swimming dog? She was practically begging us to jump in the water. It was precious.

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