Friday, March 9, 2012

Painting Beadboard

We have started the process of updating the hutch! A project I tackled was painting beadboard for the back of the hutch. We measured twice and went to Lowe's to buy the beadboard so they cut once. Living in a small apartment makes it difficult for the Mister to cut larger pieces. Whenever you are working on a project, always take advantage of the services that the store offers! Lowe's cut the beadboard at no additional cost and we knew our measurements were accurate. Plus, if they messed up, we would just another piece. If we messed up, we would have to go and BUY another piece. See what I just did there?? 

 I still have some of the paint we used to paint the desk and the hutch, so we didn't have to spend money on anymore. I just love it! It is Olympic's Sand Dune.

I pulled apart a catalog and taped together for my own drop cloth (living in a small apartment also limits where projects can be done). The beadboard is paintable, so no prep work was needed, although I did take a slightly damp cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt it picked up at the store and on its way home.

Any guesses to what catalog I made into my drop cloth? See Lola's big bone that she is kind of scared of? She won't chew on it until another dog gets interested in it first, then  she becomes protective. Anyhow - back to the project at hand.

I used a brush as opposed to a roller to ensure I could control the amount of paint that went in to the slits. I opened the windows to allow for ventilation and natural sunlight and applied 2 coats according to the instructions from the paint people.

Isn't it just pretty? This was a tiny step to the completion of the hutch, but a step, nonetheless. The Mister measured the beadboard to run flush with the braces where the hutch meets the desk top, so we have some trim he had to cut with his miter box and I have to paint. After that task is completed, the back can be attached to the hutch! Stay tuned, because I am on spring break and more hutch related projects are under way!

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