Monday, March 26, 2012

Dreaming About a Patio

Living in an apartment makes certain activities that The Mister and I love to do more difficult. When we picked our first apartment together after our wedding, we were thinking more price and interior comfort. Now, we just want more square footage! And that day is coming, folks. D-day is April 21. Expect blog posts about purging and packing.

But today is about something we have talked more about recently: our patio at our next place. It is modest, but we are looking so forward to it.  I dream of an herb garden, flowers, and a dwarf lemon tree. The Mister dreams of a little patio set with a big checkers game mat. We are looking around for the perfect patio set - more bistro style.

At Home Goods, we came across this cute one.

Pros: Price is $129.99. The table is big enough for the hubbys cloth checkerboard set up. The chairs fit snugly under the table.
Cons: It is white - exposure to the elements would show discoloration on the legs. The chairs are small-ish.

I also found this one on
Pros: Price is $126.99. Bigger chairs for comfy seating (even have a slight lean, which is nice). Teak wood.
Cons: Smaller table and chairs don't fit as nicely under the table. This one would take up a bit more patio room.

So, we still have a little less than a month before we move to think about it and look for good deals. But whatever we get, we will be super excited about it.

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