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The Mister, Chris, fixes, builds, and encourages with his whole heart. He has an eye for construction and a "We could make that" attitude. He uses AutoCad and pencil and paper to sketch and preplan projects. When he isn't building ukuleles, repairing guitars, or building furniture, he is fishing, biking, and playing guitar. Chris is working toward the completion of a Music Education Degree.

The Missus, Tiffany, bakes, paints, and glues as often as she is able. She loves to DIY and save money. When she isn't DIY-ing, she is reading and watching anything with a good love story. Tiffany is a registered nurse for children.

The Mister and Missus were married in May of 2011 after dating for many years and falling in love as high school sweethearts. Their precious pooch is Lola. She loves to swim, fetch, and eats her veggies.

The babe is Faye - she is a joy and gift from the God. The Mister and Missus feel incredibly blessed to call her their girl.

Chris and Tiffany love the Lord Jesus Christ and know belief and trust in Him is the only way to be saved.

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**This blog serves as a space to share flubs, failures, and successes the couple has had in their projects and journey together. They are in no way, shape, or form experts, and are not claiming to be such. What is shared on our blog is their journey - things that worked and didn't work with decorating, building, cooking, eating, traveling, and maybe even ice fishing. Please exercise caution and safety in your own endeavors, consult experts when necessary, and enjoy your own journey. The Mister and Missus cannot be held responsible for any damages (be that physical, emotional, mental, monetary, or otherwise) that result from the use of anything stated on this site. Please credit all photos back here. And get going!

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  1. Yay for engineers! The hubs and I both have degrees in engineering (he's electrical, I'm mechanical).

    Your blog is adorable and I can't wait to read more! Congrats on graduating from nursing school and best of luck!


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