Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finally Finished!

Finally... We have completed the hutch. You know the one.

A few issues continued to crop up as we neared the finish line... and it all comes back to my giant mess with the stain. Our new paint (the lovely Marshmallow by Glidden) seemed to be covering it beautifully. But then, after it had cured up nicely, we noticed pink streaks. The stain was still coming through! Silly us. So back to Home Depot we went to get the same paint color, but in a paint and primer in one mixture.

And voilĂ ! A very pretty, finished hutch.





Remember the original to-do list for the hutch? Well, many of the things fell away. We decided that we didn't want to install lights. Also, we wanted to make the butcher block darker to make the contrast between the paint color pop more.

And instead of adding new tracks, I just used candle wax (from some old tea lights) and waxed up the tracks of the drawers. It is like a whole new set of drawers! No squeaking. No sticking. Just effortless gliding to open a drawer. And I was going to line the drawers with paper. But I couldn't figure out a design that I loved enough to install permanently. 

Well, we have no room in our current place for this piece. I love it. But we are trying to sell it. I don't want this to sit in our garage and waste away. If we sell it, the money will go towards our efforts for a house. If we don't, I hope it doesn't get too banged up in the garage because it will be going in our home. Anyone else have a piece of furniture that transformed and transformed and transformed some more??