Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At it again...

You are not in the twilight zone. I didn't sustain a brain injury that caused me to forget what I have shared with you. This project just keeps coming back around. I am talking about the hutch . I have talked about it here and here and here and here. I have shared our list... and now the plan with what we are actually going to do with it also keeps changing.

But for now, we knew it needed to be repainted... because of a certain situation where my clumsy self spilled stain. We picked another shade of white, but this one is a bit more crisp. It's called toasted marshmallow from Behr. I really like it. And funny story... I dropped the pain can, too. I was able to flip it back over before all of the paint spilled out, but the splash radius was huge. It got everywhere. Seriously, I cried. My sweet husband held me and told me over and over again that its ok. So I got to cleaning and apologizing. And when he saw I was ok, he told me I am no longer allowed to hold paints or stains or anything like that again.

As the hutch is finished and we decide what to do, I will definitely share. But I think whatever we decide, the furniture will be a beautiful piece.

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