Friday, July 19, 2013

Buttery Crust and Yummy Fruit

My best friend got married. I shared the engagement pictures of I took of them and a couples shower I helped host for them. Now, I want to share something I baked for her wedding. My beautiful friend, Lauren, wanted to have a whole lotta pies. Her man loves a good pie, so what better way to incorporate him and his loves than by having a pie bar?

I made about 2 dozen cherry and 2 dozen strawberry pops. They were so cute! And something super fun to make. You can make these as time intensive as you like. Make the crust, buy the crust. Make the filling, buy some preserves. Just cut out circles, fill about 1/4 inch from the edge, drop a sucker stick, put on top crust, crimp edges, apply egg wash, bake!

For display, I brought along an old box with some floral foam. To hide the foam, we but burlap over it. The bride made little cards that labeled each pie and said who made them. It was such a sweet little arrangement of treats. Grandparents made their signature pies. The guests ate them up. Seriously. The pies were GONE very quickly. And, as I expected, little hands enjoyed the pie pops.

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