Friday, July 12, 2013

Conscious Thankfulness

This season of my life makes me feel like I am on this ride I remember from the county fair. The one where the walls spin and spin and the force sucks you to the wall while the floor drops. There are moments that my mind is full of excitement and enjoyment, but then there is a point that I just want it to end and move on to the next ride.

Working nights is just not my thing. My body will only let me sleep in 4 hour increments now. Simple tasks of life take a lot more planning (like going to the grocery store, doctors appointments, and spending time with friends). I've had to be way more intentional with planning my time wisely.

The Mister and I have really been embracing the time we do have together. It is so difficult when days go by and we have only exchanged a couple short phone calls and a handful of text messages. At first, I would spend the moments thinking of how I hated that we didn't have more of them. But I have been consciously putting myself in a better place.

Instead of praying that the Lord just open the doors so that I can have a schedule that allows me to see my husband, I am trying to remember His goodness in this season by providing me with a job that I do enjoy, a husband who has an ocean of patience in this season with his sleep deprived wife, and some amazing women who go to His throne with me just asking that His timing and will be done in my life.

These pictures are from a picturesque day that represent me and The Mister so well.  He fishes. I read. And we just enjoy being together. Praise you, God, for this man, this season, and these difficult growing pains that I know are for my good.

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