Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coffee and Champagne Couples Wedding Shower

 Yesterday I talked about my best friend and promised I would share photos from her couples shower. And I bet by the title you are thinking that today is the day. Well, I'm actually sharing another dear friend's shower I had the joy of co-hosting. Her name is Holly. She actually took the picture of us that I featured in this blog post.

We threw this little shindig at The Mister's and my apartment's clubhouse media room. There were only a dozen or so expected guests, so the size was just right. The other hostesses and I tried to keep it casually elegant and totally represent the couple. A chalkboard sign hung at the entrance to greet guests.

Here is the lovely couple. Aren't they adorable?!
He loves coffee and socializing with friends. She loves photography, simplicity, and delicious desserts. Both of their likes were intertwined throughout the d├ęcor. So please, take a peek at the pieces of the Coffee and Champagne Dessert Couples Wedding Shower!



So many delicious desserts. And that awesome succulent in the frame? Yeah, The Mister and I made that. I will share the how to with you guys, so don't fret! It was a blast.


All the hostesses with the beautiful bride-to-be (but now she's married! Yay!).
I love all of these women. So. Much.

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