Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fancy-ing up a Recipe Box

Ahhh... life. I haven't posted in a while because I am now working night shift.  Like true night shift- 7 pm to 7 am. My life has been a bit upside down and I think I've finally got it all sorted out and embraced (for now, at least). I've managed to squeeze some life out of my backwards schedule (which usually meant little sleep for a day or two) and completed a few projects. I want to share a quick and easy little update I did to a Good Will recipe box as a gift for my sweet best friend. You may recognize her (and her man) from this post of their engagement pictures I took last summer.

I have the amazing joy of being her MOH for her wedding that is less than 2 weeks away (yay!). So I hosted (alongside a couple bridesmaids) a couples shower for her and her groom-to-be. Here is the invite I ordered from this Etsy shop. It is gelDesign and they are phenomenal. Totally customizable designs and great customer service.


As you can see, it was stock the pantry shower. Included with the invite was a recipe card. Soooo... they needed a place to wrangle up all of these cards. And I had just the thing!

This is a cute little wooden recipe box. It was a great color, solid, and has beautiful dove tail corners. I originally got it for us, but never took the time to write out recipes on cards small enough for it. Thus, it was time for me to get busy making it perfect for my beautiful best friend.

The couple likes things rustic, earthy, and not-too-fussy- totally my jam. So I asked the hubs to give me a quick rundown on how to use his wood burning tool. I got a lot of safety info (which if you know my guy, you know he takes safety seriously) and then did a couple test runs. to get familiar with the right pressure and the right length of time to leave the tip in one spot to get the look I wanted. Then, I got to sketching. Here is what I came up with.

I was so nervous. Burning this box was scary for me. Wood etching isn't like painting. I could sand off something I didn't like it I painted it. After something is burned in, there is no going back. So, after a couple deep breaths and few dozen strokes of the etcher, I had this.

Love it!
After custom making a few organizers for the inside of the box and gluing some felt to the bottom- it was finished!
I think they liked it. What do you think?
More will be shared soon about the shower (and their wedding)!!

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