Monday, June 11, 2012

Green Thumb Part 2

We talked about our first attempt to garden when I told you how terribly we did with seeds.

Then, The Mister told you about our planter box. So, we had a beautiful planter with no plants.

 We threw around several ideas for the planter box, like painting it with the same yellow paint we used on our nightstands. I was really digging that idea. Then, I started to think about what our patio would look like after the summer ends. How would we decorate for the rest of the seasons (even though the temps of summer can continue well in to the year, long after summer is over by the calendar's standards)? I picture our patio with pumpkins and mini Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments.... Yellow started to seem like a bad idea, especially for the pumpkins. That led us to use the stain we already had on hand for the hutch and Chris's ukulele's.

After staining, adding another 2 supports underneath to make a shelf (Chris had these pieces at our apartment already), we had our planter (sorry, the finished picture wasn't taken until plants were placed inside so keep scrolling for that image).

Well, to continue the story of these gardening adventures, let me tell you the story about how we switched from seeds to the already grown plants. We figured that the plants we could get at the the nursery were already acclimated to the weather and would do just fine in our planter box.

After a short shopping trip, we came back home with rosemary, sweet basil, flat leaf parsley, and a tiny baby cilantro that wasn't doing great, but we got it for fifty cents and decided we would try to nurse it back to health. The Mister also requested a jalapeno plant, but that guy was put in his own pot.

We lined the planter box with a garbage bag (to catch anything that may have decided to slip through the cracks and hurt the objects underneath on the shelf). Then, a layer of marble rocks went down (to keep roots healthy) and regular potting soil went down.

Then, the plants were lovingly laid in their new bed.

Giving us this beauty.

Underneath is a candle lantern we bought about a year ago from Ikea that we like to keep 2 pillar candles of different sizes inside. There is also a soft weave basket with leather handles that we bought from Lowe's for $12.99 that we keep the gardening tools and plant food in.

But, if you remember in the first post, these didn't last long - 1 week. We planted them too late. They did not handle the heat well. So, the journey to find our green thumb continues (because it seems we still don't have one).


  1. I am a plant killer as well... Don't feel bad. I have to laugh because the only thing I have kept alive is the "topsy turvy" tomato thing. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    Anyways, I love the elevated planter! Even if it is without plants!

    1. Thanks! I should definitely try the topsy turvy thing... I continue to kill any plant that goes out there. I am honestly waiting for the seasons to change so I can fill the planter with some pumpkins or something to do it some justice!!


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