Friday, June 1, 2012


Traditional anniversary gifts are given based on the materials they are made of. Our wedding was not super traditional, but The Mister and I are embracing tradition with gifts. The main reason we have decided to do this is because it can pose a challenge and can make gift giving interesting.

We're debating just HOW open we want to be with our lives. If this eventually turns in to a way to turn a profit, making it reportable to the IRS, we will share things like our full names. Until then, You've got Missus Tiffany and Mister Chris (or Christopher).
UPDATE: I came to the realization that, were you to go to The Mister's Etsy shop, you would see our last name. So, this image is blocked out just because now. And I updated my profile to connect with Google +, so you see my name in full. Cheers!

But we agreed together on what our first gift to each other would be - new Bibles. My everyday reader has gone through quite a lot. Chris's cover has been glued on 3 times. Then my water bottle spilled over inside my bag that had both of our bibles in it. So in comes our gift to one another!

We both wanted the ESV (English Standard Version) translation and a hardcover. The Mister requested a study bible, and I wanted to get a journaling one. After searching around, we found a GREAT deal on The Misters came out to $46.99, originally $74.99. Mine came out to $29.99, originally $59.99. We got our names imprinted for $5.99.

Great gifts, and at a great deal. What are some one year wedding anniversary gifts you guys have exchanged or seen exchanged??

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