Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chris's Cilantro Corn

The Mister has an obsession. His obsession is with cilantro. I am NOT over-exaggerating this, I promise. He loves it. When he is making salsa, he will say ATLEAST 3 times during his taste tests "needs more cilantro" before he is satisfied. He loves to add cilantro to any recipes.

So, I tried to jazz up a vegetable that can be very boring. Corn, kept on the cob.

To make this corn, I chop up half a tablespoon of butter and rough chop about 3 sprigs (which is about 9 medium sized leaves) without the stems. Crack a little black pepper and salt over the top. Then, the corn, along with these lovely things, are rolled up in foil, thrown in to the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. I usually throw it in at the beginning of the meal and pull it out once everything else is finished cooking. You can even just throw this on the grill to cook.

The corn comes out juicy, brighter, and smelling delicious. If you are into substitutions, I have successfully substituted olive oil brushed on the corn instead of the butter. 

With fingers crossed, I served this to The Mister, hoping he would really love it. And he totally did. This is now Chris's favorite way to eat corn. So, if you know someone obsessed with cilantro, give this super easy veggie side dish a try!!

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