Monday, June 4, 2012

Discovered Treasures - Berloy Army Box

Over Easter weekend, The Mister and I traveled to our hometown to spend time with our families. Any time we head back home, we spend time in my dads garage. This trip, it was being cleaned out and reorganized. We have found some pretty cool things before, but this time we stumble across an old Army supply box, manufactured by Berloy.

There were only some spots that were rusted or had paint flaking. The metal container had been retrofitted with the additional lock enclosure. I loved this piece, and all it really needed was a little cleaning up. So, we got to work removing the hardware. Or, Chris because I got frustrated after about 5 minutes of the old screws not cooperating and handed off the tools.

 So, with a little heavy duty cleaner and some elbow grease, this beauty became a place that now holds my envelopes! See that shine?? I debated filling it with other things, but for some reason, I have 6 different boxes of envelopes and all of them are different sizes. Now it sits in our utility room/office on the shelf. My favorite part of this unique piece is that is was FREE.

Any one else find a treasure that just needed a little cleaning up? Or does anyone else have a cute bear that sits beside their desk, guarding their envelopes?

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