Thursday, July 12, 2012

Furniture Finds

I told you guys a while back that we were looking for a patio set. Here is a reminder of the two designs we were stuck on.

Then, we found this bistro set at Ikea. And it was cheap. Guess what? Its even cheaper now than when we bought - $49.99.
We loved this because of the very low price tag, natural wood slates, and metal frame. The dark colors also go really well with the design of the apartment complex. I will share pictures of it in its element when I can actually keep plants alive out there, sweep off the leaves that have seemed to accumulate since the freak hail storm, and add a couple colorful throw pillows.

Now, for the next (very exciting) furniture reveal. Remember all of the different directions we were going for a couch? Well, we decided against leather. That nixed a lot of our more expensive options. We also looked at the dimensions of the room one more time and nixed a couple of the longer couches because now we know we want to get a chair.

Look at what we found:

It was listed at $899. Chris refused to purchase a couch without sitting in it first. So we discovered that our local Macy's had a floor sample. We went in, saw the price was marked down to $699, fell in love a little more, sat on the sofa, and almost did not get up. We had found our couch! Then, the salesman informed us that the couch would further go on sale that weekend to $599 - the lowest it would ever go. For real. You bet we jumped all over that and put it on hold to purchase that weekend.

It is gorgeous, soft, deep, and so comfortable. I'm so glad we kept searching. And remember that one picture I was kind of obsessed from Better Homes and Garden with in our dreaming of a sofa post? Here it is again-

living room

I adored having multiple small things to replace a large coffee table for a room that gets moved around a lot. So, we hunted around for ottomans (because The Mister puts his feet up every time he sits on the sofa). And fell in love with a round, tufted, chocolate brown, velvet ottoman from Avenue Six for $99.

Then, the beauty showed up at Joss & Main for $52 a piece. Two of them were quickly put in our shopping cart.  See the great deal?

The living room is coming together nicely. We have purchased lamps (which may or may not have shown up in an Instagram picture we shared on our FB Fan Page when we were shopping around) and art for the wall behind the couch. Chris is working on a console table (which was also shared on our FB Fan Page in a picture). And we have our eye on a particular rug at West Elm.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!!


  1. I'm totally digging the inspiration room. Please let me know how you like the Chloe. I'm considering it myself. Also, what is the color you chose?

    Thanks! Love the blog :)


    1. Thanks for reading, Christi!

      We chose the ivory Chloe - a daring decision due to our lovely dog Lola (loving my alliteration there). But so far, we love it! It is the most adult and comfy sofa I have personally ever had. I can't wait to see your feedback on the completed room when we are done and share it here. Would love your input!


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