Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Musings

Texas is hot. Texas tends to stay hot 10 months out of the year. We get a glimpse in to the other seasons. And it seems that autumn has decided to rear its head! So, today I am sitting on the couch, blinds open, walking Lola in the cool weather outside, wearing a sweater, and sipping on some hot cocoa. I am inspired to share more of the autumn decor we have put up around the apartment.

I have showed you guys the wreaths we have put up. And I still love it.

Yesterday, I showed you our living room with the sweet pumpkins incorporated in to our decor. Remember these sweeties?


They are just so precious! Plus, they fit so well with our style of decor that we keep year round. It's pretty awesome.

Now, how about I show you our dining room table?


The charger with the leaf embellishments is from World Market, as are the birch candles. I originally fell in love with the birch pillar candles when I saw them at Pottery Barn, but the cheaper price (and coupons I get for being a member at World Market) helped save money on these. The baby pumpkins were cheap at our local grocery store and I think they just add a little something sweet.
There is still work to be done, decor wise, in the dining room. Namely, that photo. It's very special to me as it is a shot we grabbed in Colorado on our honeymoon. But, the cheap poster frame takes away from its beauty, to me. Alas, this is a topic for another day.
I always feel weird putting my fall decor up before it feels like fall around here and Texas allowed me to put them up on time and not feel so odd this year (which I am grateful for- thanks Texas!). Anyone else have the internal battle with how it feels and how to decorate for the season? Are you guys digging sweet little pumpkins this year? 

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