Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shutter Bug

Exciting thing! We purchased ourselves a new camera! We've been saving a lot and The Mister decided to give the go ahead on getting it. We also purchased a tripod and a good case for it.


Look! Lola's eyes! The camera captured her so well. 

We did a lot of research, and came down to comparing Nikon and Cannon. We decided to go with Nikon because there, to us, seemed to be more bang for the buck and met the needs we have. And after comparing models, we settled on the 3200. Right price and right capabilities.

I wanted a camera that would be good for capturing daily life, good for the blog and The Mister's business, and would be great for when we have kiddos.

So, we played with it. And it was awesome. Isn't the quality of the pictures great? And isn't my man handsome? 

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