Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hanging Big Pieces of Wall Art

Last week, we showed you guys our living room, our new favorite room in the apartment. Remember that big piece of wall art hanging behind the couch?  Here is a picture to remind you.

It's the biggest thing we have ever hung up any of our walls. AND- it is not light. The planks are wood. And I have wimpy arms. Usually my method of hanging things involves me holding the piece backwards against the wall while the mister eyeballs above for correct nail/screw placement. And it works. But I COULD NOT hold this guy up by myself. So we pulled out a handy trick involving painters tape.

I didn't take pictures of the whole process - I was distracted. And that, I guess, would have just been too helpful for you. I'm sorry. But what you don't see illustrated is that we got some good old regular painters tape and stretched it across the top of the piece, marking where the eyelet hangers were. Then, we stuck the tape to the wall (The Mister making sure we hit some studs). We lined up the level to the top of the tape to make sure we were hanging it straight.

Then, The Mister put screws in the spots where the marks were on the tape. This was so easy and so fast. Plus - it was straight the first time! And my wimpy arms were spared. Hope you find this little tip helpful!

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