Friday, October 5, 2012

Ready for Unveiling!


Previously, we talked about when we were looking for a couch and deciding how we were designing our living room, and then we shared the pieces of furniture we purchased. Now, I believe it is a good time to reveal the room to you, as it is now. It is cozy to us and we spend a lot of time in it.  Ready to see it?? I'm so ready to show you.

Here it is, folks! The lamps were off... so I decided to snap the rest with the lamps on. 


This is Lola's spot she hangs out between our feet when we watch shows or movies.

How about some close ups of the details hanging out around the room??

The two above photos are the accessories on the console table. I opted to keep the photos in the room black and white so that the emotion can shine through. And that cool jar of old stamps? That was a gift from my dad when I was a girl. I love it.

This is the top of the bookshelf that is to the left of the sofa. For fall festivities, I purchased the cute pumpkins from World Market and put one on the bookshelf and one on the console table.
Here is the photo album and catalog holder that sits by the Mister's recliner. It is an old wooden box that The Mister found in my dads garage. Isn't it cool?

The purple pillows are from Bed Bath and Beyond. All of the other ones are from West Elm.

Here is our media center from Target (with the free TV that the Mister told you about fixing). The brass hardware is what got me. 

The red wax warmer is from Walmart. I made the book pillars. The candles are ones I got a while ago (and I don't remember from where). The red metal box atop the books is a small old socket set box that was rescued from my dads garage. The glass pieces are from Ikea (the purple one), Good Will (the teal one) and one I got a while back and can't remember from where (the red one). 
Wondering where we got the big pieces?? Allow the below picture to fill you in!

Isn't' it cozy and comfy and wonderful? We adore the room. What do you think?

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