Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Wreaths

The calender officially says that it is autumn. Even if this Texas weather doesn't want to cooperate, I have obeyed my calender and started decorating. I've been busy making wreaths. I made one for our door and one for some friends (and I hope they love it!).

Here is the one I made for friends- and please pardon if the color is off. Honestly, I think my computer screen resolution is off and it has been making photo editing interesting.

I love it! Personally, it seems to be missing a squirrel. Wouldn't a squirrel fit right in? For the wreath mold, I just used paper that was in my recycling bin and shaped it (with the held of tape) in to a wreath. Proved a little bit temperamental, but totally worth it in that it shaped well, was free, and my favorite part.... was free.
Here is the one hanging on our door now:

The yellow flowers were made from a brighter yellow felt. I stuck with just the two flower colors (mainly due to the fact that I was out of the cream felt... haha). And, I included the M from cardboard and a sweet paisley designed felt.

There have been many happenings around The Mister and Missus household and I'm excited to share them with you... but I have a pumpkin roll cooling on my kitchen counter top beckoning for some filling. Feel free to pop on to our Facebook fan page to see the finished product (a link is at the top of this page for your navigation convenience).

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