Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chocolate-y, Nutty, Coconut Cracker Treats

Snacks are a big deal in our household. We try to avoid eating out and having the urge to just "grab shopping" when we are running errands by grabbing a snack for on the go snackage. But, we recently had an issue... we had 2 weeks left in the month and all of the snacks were out. People had come to visit and had eaten more of the snacks than anticipated, so The Mister had few things to round out his work day and lunch snacking. The evidence was clear - we were in need of snacks and fast!

Above is a picture of the inside of our pantry door - you see where the seasonings go, where the supply of things like zip lock bags, foil, parchment paper, etc hang out, and where snacks are for easy access. Only in the above picture is 1 granola bar and a box of fruit strips that contained 1 fruit strip. heartbreaking. So I remembered a Christmas Cookie swap where a friend made these cracker treats that Chris loved and was inspired to rummage and grab things out of the pantry.

I ended up pulling out walnuts and pecans (that I store in jars), coconut flakes, saltine crackers, and chocolate. This is chocolate that I had on hand for a while. The process after that was easy as pie (the layering and filling part of the pie, not the making of the crust as that part can be tricky).

After layering saltines on some foil on a baking sheet, I squeezed and smoothed chocolate over them until they were nice and covered.

I mixed the pecans and walnuts in my hand chopper and chopped to my hearts content. Then, I sprinkled the lovely things atop the chocolate covered crackers.

I laid the crackers out in a 6x4 arrangement, just to keep you in the loop.

Then, flakes of coconut were sprinkled all over - no measurements were used. I just put how ever much I knew the husband liked the ingredient and would be able to stick to the chocolate.

Then, I squeezed more chocolate on top of that. And tucked the pan in the oven on low (200) just long enough to toast the coconut.

I was afraid the chocolate wouldn't be sweet enough for Chris, so some powdered sugar was sifted on top for good measure.

And boom. But, I must be honest. These were not the Mister's favorite thing. His complaint was the chocolate not being sweet enough (didn't I know it!). So, I recommend having whom ever you are making this for do a taste test of the ingredients before you use them if they are something new. Otherwise, a nice, portable treat was made.

I will definitely make them again with different chocolate. Look how perfect they look? The little sweet and salties were packaged 2-3 in snack size zip locks and placed in our snack spot.

Doesn't that look better?? What do you think? Should this be considered a flub or failure?? I think it was a partial success... next time I will use a sweeter chocolate. maybe even some almond bark. Suggestions? 


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