Friday, August 24, 2012

Save A Penny!

We've talked a lot about ways to get money recently here and today, I'm keeping it up! It isn't a foreign concept to have a coin jar or a coin cup, so I'm sure many of you already have one going.  We did, too. It was a lovely big gulp cup from high school.
Problems - the cup didn't match any decor so we didn't have it on display. Then, out of sight, out of mind set in. Another issue we had was that the cup isn't see through, so we didn't know exactly how much money we had unless we opened it up. 

So,  I grabbed a jar from the collection I have stashed in my kitchen cabinets for storage, pulled my stickers out, and got to it. I chose beige letters to keep it neutral and allow me the ability to move it from room to room without worrying about clashing with anything.

See that difference?? Now, we not only put our coins from our pockets (or coins we wrangle from the ground) in the jar, but I have also made it a habit to put the coins from the bottom of my purse and in my coin pocket in my wallet in there (since I don't put coins in my pockets).

We have rules for the coin jar. Once it goes in, it doesn't come out until we are depositing it in the bank. Not only does it let the jar grow faster, but it keeps us from buying things on a whim - like a soda from the vending machine. The money from the jar goes to "fun" purchases. Right now, we are saving for The Mister to get a new amp. Having a goal motivates us to put the money IN THE JAR!! It doesn't help to have a coin jar if it doesn't get used. And, having a goal keeps us from buying something too quickly- "We have the money and I would like a new amp. what if we got one this Thursday?" kind of conversations don't really happen anymore.

And the lovely, simple jar sits atop our dresser, reminding us to save our pennies. I look forward to sharing more about our current money adventures soon. We have been pretty serious about saving recently. Any one have some creative ways to fill their coin cup? Or have alternatives to a coin cup?

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