Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Details: Tea Pot and Mills

I want to share with you some of my favorite little details throughout our home. So I am going to start out with some pretty things that sit atop our kitchen counter top.

Before we had cable, we watched Netflix. Because this was all we had, I usually picked a show and just watched all of the episodes of that show. Anyone remember Ally McBeal?? Well, she believed a house wasn't a home until there was a coat rack. I had the same kind of feeling, but about a teapot. I was shopping around for the best teapot that matched our personalities and out home.

THEN- a dear, dear friend returned from London with a beautiful stone tea pot in navy blue. I LOVE it! And, there was a large box of Christmas tea bags - seriously, it sells just like Christmas. I'm excited to brew those buddies.

Isn't it cute? You see the tea pots neighbors in the above picture - our salt and pepper grinders. I had wanted wooden grinders in a bright color, but I saw these and realized that seeing the peppercorns and the large chunks of salt is pretty and more organic in and of itself.

Do not be fooled - these mills are not acrylic. They are glass and steel. We purchased them from Target for $14.95 a piece. I love them. And they look so nice with our tea pot from across the pond. Don't you agree?

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