Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakfast Tacos in Bulk

I debated whether or not to even write this guy because this seems so simple to me, but what the hey! Maybe there are some of you out there who could use a simpler version of cooking breakfast tacos. Excuse the low quality photos, por favor.

Previously, I told you guys how we managed to move to a new place and not lose our minds in the process. One part of that was to keep food around for ourselves and the helpers to eat when their tummies beckoned for nourishment. This is so simple that it can be upgraded with just a few additions, like chopped veggies.

When I plan out portions for breakfast tacos, I give everyone two eggs. I also portion one package of sausage to a dozen eggs. For us, we always have a big pack of flour tortillas on hand, so when the goods are done cooking, I fill those until there are no more left to fill. With 1 package of sausage and a dozen eggs, that can be about 50 breakfast tacos. We also had salsa and shredded cheese for people to put on their breakfast tacos, if they desired.

I cooked them in my big cast iron skillet - first browning the sausage, then adding in the dozen eggs after I had whisked them together in a separate bowl. Tortilla on foil ready to wrap it all together completed the burrito. I got about 50 with the portion size shown above. And they were a success. Ones that were not eaten moving day were saved in the fridge for The Mister to grab and eat before work.

Lola - at this point was displaced to the kitchen because every other place was filled with boxes. She was perturbed that I was in her space. And maybe she was hoping some would fall on the floor.

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