Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Hey readers!

So, I told you guys yesterday about my life and laptop cord issue that kept me away, and now it seems that I am making up for lost time by repeatedly changing the design of the blog! So I want to apologize if you are running in to issues browsing through posts and what not. Being that this is a hobby, and not a business for me, I don't have funds to get one of those pro web designers to make my blog look awesome, so I customize the regular blogger templates to my liking. I think the latest (no background image, green, yellow, and blue colors) is one I will stick with for a while.

If you frequent this blog (or have only come once or twice and dig what you see), I want to make this one time request that you follow me, or subscribe to receive the blog posts by email. Love you guys.

--Tiffany, The Missus

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