Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Greeting Card Keepsake

Gift cards are given for a number of occasions and reasons. Normally, when we receive a card it is read, laughed/cried/smiled over, a thank you is written, and the card is placed in a box with all other cards. No organization, no rhyme or reason to how they are arranged. But after seeing this wedding mini album from Something Turquoise...

Wedding Card Mini-Album from

I wanted to change our system. And it would begin with our cards from our wedding and the wedding shower (which is appropriate because of our one year anniversary Monday).

**Please excuse my very dirty rug - Lola hair is visible, I'm embarrassed, but now I'm over that. In case you are in doubt, we do, in fact, own a vacuum.

I sorted through the box and pulled out all of our wedding cards. I also pulled out left over materials from when we made the various paper goods for the wedding, including our trusty customized stamp. Then, I just followed their tutorial, with a few changes to suit my needs.

I chose to use cardboard over card stock for a firmer cover to my mini album. But it is difficult to cut cardboard with a straight edge (and when you cut it, you see the inside form, which isn't super pretty). I sorted through and looked for the largest card to use as the stencil. At the last second, I also chose to include an invitation from our wedding, which was the largest, and therefore the stencil for the size of the mini album.

 To hide those edges, I decided to wrap the cardboard with card stock like a present. 


Then, some tacky glue secured the paper to the cardboard, and our stone coasters held them in place.


It is still a semi-work in progress. I like to sit with certain things and just tweak until I feel it is complete. There may be some aging still to do on the corners and what-not. But, for now, we reflect on all of those wonderful people and their sweet words as we celebrate a year together.

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  1. Seriously, this is such a great idea! The hubs and I just finished our thank yous yesterday (we have 5 days to get them out before the 1 year deadline... better late than never, right?) and were wondering what to do with the mountain of wedding cards we have. This will be perfect!

    1. I'm so glad this was helpful to you! I can't wait to see your mini album when it is done! And P.S. Better late than never is often said in our household, so no judgement here on the timeline that the thank yous have gone out!


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