Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog Toy Dilemma

Meet Lola.

Lola is an Australian Shepherd (and there are theories about what she may be mixed with, although our vet believes she is all Aussie).

Lola loves her toys. Chris and I got her when we were first engaged. My sister rescued her and already having a dog, couldn't take her. We fell in love instantly. If you are a pet owner, you know how easy it is to figure out their likes and dislikes. Lola tends to enjoy things that squeak. If it is a toy that has fuzz inside, her sole mission is to pull all of it out. 

As she has grown, the time in which it takes her to completely destroy her toys has become shorter and shorter. So, Chris and I thought that giving her more toys at one time would help all of them last a bit longer. If Lola has no toys, she tends to get bored and starts chewing up other things (magazines, decor...).

Pictured above is Lola with her Christmas presents. We had high hopes for that squeaky, rubber chicken because it had no fuzz inside and had thick rubber. It is now without feet, and a head. The sock monkey lasted a little longer than expected, but it is now turned inside out. the rings lasted less than a day (that was very unexpected)- Lola pulled off the fabric. The bone is still kicking, though. She only plays with that if another dog shows interest in it.

So, Chris and I are at a bit of a loss. Any suggestions for dog toys that will last? 

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