Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why We Did A "First Look"

To keep sane during planning and preparation of the wedding day, I spent a lot of time in prayer and made it clear in my head what was most important for me for our wedding day: That I marry Chris. Period. This helped me ward of silly issues and it kept things in focus. If something popped up I could just go back to what really mattered- that at the end of that day, I am his wife.

Being around Chris helps keep me level headed. So, I knew on the wedding day with the chaos and stress that others may unintentionally heap on me (and it definitely happened) that seeing Chris before the wedding would calm me and bring back in to focus the purpose of the day. And it definitely was the best choice we made for the whole day (other than choosing Chris as the groom, of course).

With a first look, we had a moment alone before the crazy, busy day. Because we did this instead of waiting to see each other at the altar, we were able to wipe away each others tears of joy, giggle together, hug and whisper I love you's. Talk, pray over each other, and calm each other before everything went in to full swing.

And it didn't take away from the ceremony one bit. We both still teared up at the altar.

Photo: Hard - 2 - Hold Photography

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