Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY I Spy Game

At our wedding, we wanted to make sure everyone was entertained and that the guests were interacting with each other. So, in the wedding researcher, we came across the "I Spy" game and loved it.

First was getting disposable cameras. My dad was able to get a ton! These had paper covers, so I clipped those off and traced them onto brown paper bags. Then, I made little flags to remind guests to use flash and little felt bunting with jute to attach it to the camera. To personalize them a bit more, I used the design that we put on our invites, the program, and the napkins. I had it turned in to a stamp and just stamped the camera. I wish I had thought of doing this before I cut them out, because that would have made the process a bit easier.

If you decide to use the cameras with the sticky covers, there are a lot of templates on the web. Just remember that each camera is different and you may need to further customize the template. I preferred using the paper bag to paper because it shaped nicely to the disposable camera. I didn't have to work really hard to get the right folds this way.

The I Spy game was great because it had people of all ages at the wedding using the cameras, hunting for good shots, and talking with each other.

I believe people had fun with it, don't you?

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