Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home Specs

Remember when I shared that we bought our first home?!? It has been about 10 months, and there are days where The Mister and I look at each other and say "I can't believe this gift we have!" 

I have quite a few pictures of the front of the house, but have chosen this one because you can actually see the front of the home. One of the previous owners was a botanist, so we have plants galore. It is beautiful when everything is lush and blooming, as it was shortly after we bought the home, but it hides the fa├žade of the exterior.

So, the details. We bought a 1969, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,800 sq ft house with a charming exterior and tons of potential inside. We also have a two car garage, which is so nice for The Mister's various tools and toys. In our 10 months of renovations, we have rebuilt many walls, torn out termite damage, insulated, replaced floors, renovated the entire kitchen, had a new fence installed, scraped popcorn, retextured, installed crown and baseboards, painted, painted, and did some more painting. Lots of jobs, big and small. Lots of learning. Lots of decisions. I discovered more about my design style and the things I believe are important.

We had 2 full months where we could live in our apartment and work on the house. This allowed us to get the nitty-gritty demo and major projects done without having to worry about living in it. For those two months, we both continued to work full time, then spend spare time at the house. For Chris, it meant his working until about 8 at his job, coming to the house until midnight, then going back to the apartment to sleep and do it all again the next day. It was an exhausting time, but we were able to get so much accomplished without having to also worry about living in the worst of it.

What we kept telling each other through the toughest parts of the renovation was how much the Lord has provided for us and how this gift should go beyond us. We dream about who will come through our front door, how we can love them well, how we can further The Kingdom with the conversations that happen around our coffee table and in the back yard. Our desire is that these walls we have the privilege of being surrounded by would be seen as a welcoming place for others. His Goodness never ends.

I look forward to sharing this crazy journey with you!

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